Total Productive Maintenance

Lean TPM Consultants

Developing your Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) focused improvement strategy.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a system of maintaining and improving the operational integrity and reliability of the production system through the equipment, processes and people that add real value to your customer.

PMI’s TPM approach is based on people and processes as well as equipment – it transforms culture and the way you view your assets.

TPM is a continual, evolving approach that requires extensive planning and preparation to develop an effective strategy and to establish the enabling framework.

Our approach will ensure staff are engaged organisation-wide; from top management through to equipment design and procurement, operators, maintenance staff and managers at all levels.

Through a PMI TPM programme organisations will have a more focused, motivated and aligned leadership team resulting in many business benefits including;

  • the accelerated delivery of business critical projects,
  • eliminating non-value-added work and a reduction in variation
  • the adoption of maintenance routines that prevent failure of critical equipment
  • optimisation of equipment availability and thus maximum productivity and increased profits
  • reduced capital costs as plant useful life is extended significantly

We are committed to enabling clients to implement systems of improvement that can deliver true business transformation.

Our consultants work closely in partnership with in-house teams to ensure the effective transfer of knowledge that will enable organisations to make, own and maintain the improvements after our engagement is complete.

8 Pillars of TPM