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Too busy managing the daily issues to work on the right things? Want to cascade your strategy but the time and effort involved seems too much? Know you must make your business plan happen and reduce costs but it’s already late in the financial year? Must propose a reorganization to meet the profitability plan but never seem to get your team aligned to even make a start?

Sound familiar? We can help you.

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Thoughts on a Busy Day…Adapt to Grow

Our goal should be long-term survival and prosperity. Overcoming today’s challenges is not enough if we want to grow whilst containing our operational costs.
We live in a constantly changing world where the rate of change is exponential; problems of the past are unlikely to be the same ones that we’ll face in the future. We will always have to meet changing customer’s demands for what delights them today will be expected tomorrow.

Businesses too will always demand cost or headcount reduction and set growth, profit, margin, revenue or EBITDA improvement targets.

Usually, we respond to these demands by making a business plan. If we are lucky it is tactical and defines our ambitions for the next financial year. Finding and making the space and time to cascade the plan, to get engagement and manage it through is tough. Making the plan adaptable and flexible whilst maintaining the right focus to see us through the next 4-5 years is even tougher.

Businesses must continually adapt to the ever-changing environment, to transform, to grow without reducing profitability.

To do otherwise will result in decline, or worse.

Our Services

Business Process Assessment and Review reveals the current state of your business processes so you can start making improvements.

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Business process management will help you understand your organisation as a system so you can provide the best possible service or product.

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Deliver consistently excellent and sustained business performance with a robust and structured approach to managing the every day work. Move beyond problem fire fighting to prevention.

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Understanding Lean – want to know about Lean and the benefits of a ‘Lean approach’? PMI’s Lean methodology offers additional insight into understanding customer value and how to tackle different types of waste.

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Bringing the principles of Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence to life with our intuitive method.

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Provide the foundation thinking, approaches and methodologies required to successfully deploy and sustain the management systems required by the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and provide your customers with excellence.

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There is a common misconception that doing an improvement project needs to take months. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it is possible to create dramatic improvement within 5 days with our Rapid Improvement Work-outs

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PMI’s TPM approach is based on people and processes as well as equipment , transforming culture and the way you view your assets. We help to enable your people to manage and improve equipment and processes to ensure that customers needs are met.

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Understand the purpose of Visual Management and equip your people with the practical skills and knowledge of how to develop and work with Visual Management Systems.

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Effective organisations thrive on good insights, our Operational Performance Assessments provide an impartial, detailed and reliable source of insights to help you make more informed decisions.

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