Transforming your Data drives better decisions

Author: Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

In this blog, Dennis introduces his Data Analytics and Insights Practice, covering the three elements that underpin the practice, Generate Data, Analyse Data and Develop Insights.

Good data results in good decisions

How often do organisations struggle with generating good quality data, or struggle with how to analyse that data and therefore struggle with decision making? Making good decisions drives actions and the evolution of an organisation’s products and services. If the decisions are based on incomplete or wrong data, obviously the reverse is true and we risk doing the wrong things therefore we need to get better at our data, the inputs or ‘front end’ of decision making.

A simple 3-step framework to make better decisions

In PMI’s Data Analytics and Insights Practice, we provide a simple three-step framework to diagnose and improve your ability to make better decisions.


How do these three elements work?


Consider how you generate data. Is there a process which describes this? Is the data linked to the voice of your customer – both internal and external? How variable and robust is the data? Does everyone collect the data in the same way?

Many organisations generate and store lots of data, in their systems, often hidden in a plethora of excel spreadsheets, stored in a database or an ERP/CRM. The data you have is often designed to report on business performance, but it’s not designed to help you improve business performance.

We assess the data you have to gain deeper insights so that you can make good, quality decisions to manage and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation.

Once you have generated data, and you are confident in the quality, you need to define a process to analyse it in a robust and reliable manner.

If you don’t have a defined process to analyse your data in a meaningful and robust manner, you risk drawing the wrong conclusions. Too often incorrect methods are used for analysis, some analyse too much, or sometimes not enough data is analysed to give meaningful trends, patterns, information from which new ideas (theories) can be generated.

We offer robust and proven methods to support the analysis, visualisation and exploration of the data that truly matters to you.

Finally, we develop insights, make decisions and reduce your risk. We create clarity in often chaotic situations.

Gaining Insights is the process of developing new understanding of often complex situations. Often, it requires an outside view, using robust methods, diagnostic approaches, and critical thinking skills.

We take you beyond the numbers, helping you to answer the ‘So what now?’ question.

How can we help?

Whether you want us to coach/teach you how to become self-sufficient at analysing your data and generating insights for your organisation, or whether you want us to bring our expert team in to do this for you, we have the skills and the techniques to help you make better decisions with your data. It’s my passion and I’m here to help.

About Dennis

20140522_PMI1318As a Director Consultant, Head of Data Analytics & Insights Practice and Master Black Belt, Dennis works with PMI clients around the world in a wide range of industries. He supports clients in strategic consultancy, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Improvement and training. Dennis specialises in leveraging advanced improvement techniques and creative thinking methods to accelerate performance improvement.
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