The advantages of deploying bespoke e-Learning

In this interview, a Senior Manager working in a Process Excellence Department talks about the importance of e-Learning and the advantages that can be gained when deploying bespoke e-Learning across multiple departments in large, global organisations.


Senior Manager, Process Excellence Department


Working with PMI

“We’ve had such a fun and terrific experience with PMI and with different people in our organisation globally. We had quite a diverse team that we brought together from several different business sections and lots of subject matter experts and together with PMI we put together one of the best e-Learning products that really we’ve ever seen anywhere.”

Developing a bespoke product

“It was a great example of how a product can be developed, a great example of use, of the e-Learning technologies, it was a great example of bringing a diverse team together. And interestingly enough the project was almost complete before the team actually met. All of it was done from distance phone calls, webexs and emails. I think it was a great example of how a team can accomplish a first rate product and never have to spend any money of travel.”

On the process of learning virtually

“We’ve actually had good feedback from it.  Our younger employees are used to learning this way. They like to use technology to gain their knowledge and to start exchanges with each other.” Like most e-Learning our employees can take it at their discretion, at their leisure and time as it works best for them. We’ve had really good feedback at things that we know are really the instructional design, the things that most people don’t understand that really goes into a good e-Learning product. “

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