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Introducing a different kind of Performance Improvement

Since 1984 we’ve been helping our clients transform their performance through better processes and more engaged people. We consult, coach and train in all areas of process and performance improvement. We work in partnership with you to transform your goals into results.

Our #1 priority is delivering sustainable success and capability for you.

We work as your open, honest and constructively challenging partner giving you the benefit of our breadth of experience across industries and functions, with every kind of performance challenge.

We’re a family-owned and managed firm. Our Consultants are experienced practitioners, they’ve been where you are, and they can relate to your people and help them succeed.

We continuously invest in our methods, approach and content to bring you best-in-class process and performance improvement services.

Why we're passionate about what we do

We’re different. Our philosophy is firmly grounded in W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK).

That means we help you solve significant challenges by understanding not just the processes in your business, but the interrelationships between them.

This goes beyond just strategic alignment to leverage all your talent, resources and current improvement initiatives.

You’re in good company, we’ve worked with 1000’s of clients in all sectors and industries in over 70 countries and in 10 languages. We work around the world, across industries, in all functional areas and with every kind of performance challenge

Our Core Values

Enable Client Success

Our #1 priority is to leave a legacy of success and capability wherever we go.

Innovation at Pace

We succeed when we keep things simple and get on with it.

Delight our Customers

We work hard to seek ways to delight our customers.


Our clients trust us to do the right thing. As colleagues, we work with respect and trust.

Flexible Content that Delivers

Our learning portfolio is the broadest in the industry and we have our own in-house development team who make customisation easy. All of our consulting and training programmes can be delivered physically or virtually (or both!). We make it easy for you to experience improvement your way, in-class, virtual or on-demand, we’ve got all the bases covered to the best possible standard.

But, you don’t need to take our word for it. Our accreditations, licenses and partners speak for themselves.

Enabling Lifelong Learning

Your ongoing learning journey is supported by our ever-growing suite of thought-leadership content, our comprehensive collection of eBooks, templates, and tools, all hosted on our Learning Management Portal.

You can benefit from ongoing support and interaction with our in-house experts through our PMI LIVE webinars, insight from professional practitioners with our Room for Improvement Video Series and the opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders with our Leading for Business Excellence Podcast.

Personal, Professional, Different. That's the PMI way.

We operate the UK’s largest specialist public Lean Six Sigma training business through our LIVE Virtual Classroom portal, and at locations in London and Birmingham

So whether you are looking for beginner or Master programmes, you’ll find our iterative and interactive method means your learning is both effective and enjoyable. 

Our content is designed to help you drive success. We support each level from Lean Six Sigma training including Awareness, White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

We’ve designed and curated 100s of resources available to you at the point of need, to inspire and empower you to tackle the challenges at hand.

committed to providing you with the best learning opportunities

Continuous Improvement Apprenticeships with In-Comm

We’re partnered with In-Comm Training Services to ensure you can take advantage of PMI’s world-class Lean Six Sigma courses, with complete programme support, from admin, management and applications for your levy-funded programmes

Rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’, In-Comm is now one of the UK’s leading providers of apprenticeships, training, upskilling and business services, working across more than 10 sectors and with 250 different companies

On-Demand at the point-of-need with Go1

We’re partnered with Go1 to unlock the positive potential of millions of learners and drive the accessibility of our Continuous Improvement courses for organisations of all sizes. 

Go1 is an established leader in online learning and education. They provide individuals and thousands of organisations the opportunity to engage in relevant, effective and inspiring learning


We are proud partners of The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI).

With 18,000 members in 100 countries, the CQI champions organisational excellence and set professional standards for quality management. They’re the only body that can award Chartered Quality Professional Status.

We’re licensed to access and certify to BQF Standards.

The vision and purpose of the BQF is to enable excellence in UK organisations. They’ve been defining the bodies of knowledge, enabling rigorous certification, and driving high standards for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners, since founding the BQF Academy in 2006. 

Our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is accredited by the University of Warwick and aligned to their MSc in Management for Business Excellence.

WMG drives innovation in applied science, technology and engineering. An international leader in successfully creating a space for collaboration between academia and the private and public sectors, they champion lifelong learning, supporting the skills and knowledge that make a difference. 

As an organisation, we’re ISO 9001:2015 Certified so you can be confident that we put our own methods to work to drive continuous improvement. 

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management standard. A requirement of the certification is an effective quality management system, in order to drive high-quality products and services for customers, consistently. 

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